• resume review

  • Getting the desired job is not easy, you can be a first-class specialist, but a guy with less experience will be taken to the position. Why? As a rule, skills and knowledge before an interview are not important, the first thing to focus on is a resume. A properly drafted resume allows people without experience to get very good positions.

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    Many employers are interested not only in your work qualities, but also in what you do outside the office. So before you look for a new job, remember what, where and how you wrote in the last year or two. Aggression and disrespect will become a red flag for HR. So ambiguous content should be hidden under the lock.

    Half pages - few, three pages - many, 1-2 pages - optimal. Of course, it is advisable to meet one page, but it is not always possible to do this painlessly. Sometimes, in order to correctly compile a summary, it is better to describe your experience and achievements more comprehensively and make a two-page summary than to save on words and try to describe your professionalism with a couple of minor phrases.

    Professional achievements are indicated in the paragraph "Achievements." These are not abstract formulations, but concrete examples. The employer will believe facts and numbers more than empty chatter. Listed all the useful experiences that could affect your employment.

    Professional skills are what you know how to do. Describe the key skills in this section. Start with a description of the activity in which you are best guided and consider yourself a professional, indicate the general experience of work, and separately - how many years you have worked in the area of ​ ​ interest. This section should contain information confirming that you belong to the desired position. Describe what you think of as a specialist and why. Do not rewrite all functional responsibilities here from previous jobs, and do not add personal qualities.